There’s nothing like completion. Especially when it comes to building your dream home. While the full immersive experience of a smart home is your ticket to bragging rights, there’ll be no bragging if your technological foundation is rocky. Nick Caripis, founder and pioneering lifestyle designer at BNC Technology, shares four steps to help you build your smart home foundation.

Step 1: Imagination is a real thing

Dream it, then plan it. You’ve got to have vision first. Like a big, dreamy, feely kind of vision. Pour a whisky and turn on the tunes, take some quiet time to play and rewind Celebrity Cribs, or close your eyes and feel what it would feel like, to have any button and switch at your every whim. What does it feel like, look like, perform like? Get the end goal of what you want clear in your mind, before you take any big leaps. Even though it may not happen in reality right away, go all the way in your imagination. It helps to complete a comprehensive system design, first, and then scale down to your budget.

Step 2: Planning is everything

Plan. Plan. Plan. Once you have your full experience in mind, this will give you and your technology partner clarity on the smaller steps; where to start and how to start it. This process is critical in the design and budget planning zone of your dream build. Here you will establish what money buys, how to adjust your budget, and how best to phase up your final vision. Is it a three-month phase or a three-year phase? This step keeps you in control, and keeps the doors of practical expectation open.


Step 3: You need a pro team

This is a non-negotiable. Allow yourself the luxury of being the dreamer and hire professionals to put the plan into action. One of the biggest challenges in our industry is that there is a lack of proper system design when it comes to detailed wiring schematics for smart home building. It’s critical to hire a professional who designs systems from the beginning, and not just throws together a list of products. It’s crucial that your smart home is crafted with care and professionalism from the start.

Step 4: Cable up!

We’re obsessed with cables. While wireless makes the world go round, cables get the job done right. Cables ensure quality. Cables know what they’re doing. Cables are the infrastructure of a smart home. And then, we hide them.

Quick Tip: HDMIs and fibre-optics are two key cables for a quality network.

The small steps are the smartest steps you can take, in my opinion. Buy right, buy once, and your building will become exponential – and brag justified. Start small, finish glorious – that’s what we say.