Designing a study space can be tricky. It needs to be practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. We show you how to create a set-up that your kids – and you – will love.

Select a quiet spot

“A study space should be a purposeful area, comfortable, reasonably spacious, relatively free of distractions, and tucked away from household foot traffic. It should also be at an arm’s reach away from the necessary supplies. Children are much more vulnerable to the impact of noise so the quieter the space, the better optimised it is for concentrating.” – Carin van Heerden, owner of Carné Interiors

Carné Interiors

Decorate to taste

“Always consider your child’s taste. Even if they are very young, they will always have an indication of what they would like or not. This room has a rustic feel, mirrors above a small desk to also use as a dressing table, a large bedside cabinet, a wardrobe as well as storage space for school books and other miscellaneous items.” – Cherice Torlage, owner of Kraaines Interiors & Garden Centre

Kraaines Interiors & Garden Centre

Consider lighting

“The most effective learning spaces are those that are well lit. Natural light and other sources of blue light are shown to increase productivity, alertness, and focus.” – Carin van Heerden, owner of Carné Interiors

Carné Interiors

Incorporate wall shelves

“Wall shelves promote cleanliness. Free up additional floor space by using floating wall shelves to store décor and books. Use the shelves as a kid’s library or to store art and craft project supplies. Choose wood and metal wall shelves to create a fun industrial look. Make things interesting and add dimension by using different sizes or our modular cube wall shelves.” – Shekinah Rose-Vaarland, buyer at @home


Storage is key

“Storage is the name of the game. Declutter with beautiful baskets and storage items to create a calm, quiet space.” – Suné Fick, senior buyer at @home


Incorporate a pinboard

“A stylish pinboard or planner is a great tool for kids to organise themselves and manage their time. Plus, this is a good place for them to start adding their own personal touches to the area.” – Audi Snÿman, owner of Audi Snÿman Interior Design

Audi Snÿman Interior Design