Spookasem is one of the most unique design companies we’ve come across in a while. Its quirky (and spooky) designs were well received at Design Indaba and are sell-outs on popular online shopping portals like Utique and Citymob. We spoke to the company’s creative forces, Jade Klara and Dani Loureiro.

Explain the name Spookasem?

Spookasem is the Afrikaans word for candy floss but translates as ghost breath. We love the description, we also love ghosts.

Tell us the history of History of Spookasem. What inspired you to start the company?

We started off with our first project SKAL, where we asked some of our favourite illustrators to design a beer glass to the theme of Norse mythology. We had such fun and a great response, and so Spookasem was born. Since then we have expanded and exhibited at the Design Indaba. Spookasem started as a passion project where we could use our illustration in the area of product design and development to bring to life to unique and playful lifestyle products.

What are some of your favourite Spookasem products? Any particular products/designs that have proven popular with the public?

Our SKAL range of beer glasses is very popular; we also adore our beautiful notebooks.

Where can we buy your products?

Spookasem is stocked at The Fringe Arts, Smith & Abrahams and the Book Lounge, we are also stocked on Utique.co.za and Meekel.co.za online stores. We do private sales too.

Anything else?

Spookasem has a very exciting range coming up inspired by forests and our online store is coming soon too!