Venture to a place where treasures await at every turn in St Leger & Viney’s Caravan Collection. Classically inspired designs and worldly motifs are enlivened with a fresh and adventurous colour palette. This energising collection of coordinating wallpaper, print and woven fabrics is full of surprising shapes and movement that embrace traditional design.

Included in the range is Banyan, a large scale traditional pattern, which encompasses damasks, scrolls and florals. Grassy green, sky blue, flax, metallic silver and metallic gold are the colourways of Carolyn Trellis, a printed paperweave that has a crafty handmade basket look that is rich in texture. Taken from antique crewel and named after a true craft bazaar in the city of Janta, Janta Bazaar embodies great movement with tropical flair. The soft curves of Juniper Ogee Embroidery are intricately detailed with dots and starburst stitches. Colourways coordinate with many other families throughout Caravan, including coral and stone, aqua, blue, green and neutral.