Discover five must-have outdoor décor items to jazz up your patio.

Patio swing

“A must-have outdoor décor item would be a beautiful patio swing completing a peaceful stylish summer sanctuary.” – Megan Rankin, marketing manager at Macalli Outdoor Furniture

Macalli Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor rugs

“I find that if I imagine the patio as a formal dining room or a formal lounge then the décor aspects of the outdoor space become easier to manage. Treat your outdoor area as you would your indoor area by jazzing up the flow and function of the patio using colourful area rugs. These not only define your spaces, but add interest and anchor the colour palette of your choice.” – Gillian Strange, media and sales at Plaisir du Jardin

Plaisir du Jardin

Solar lanterns

“Creating the right mood and ambience is key for any patio or outdoor living space. This year’s hottest décor item to do this are solar lanterns. The patio or outdoor area needs to be inviting both day and night. Our solar lanterns are not just stunning, but functional, and can provide up to 18 hours of light. Place your solar lanterns on the ground or hang them. As they are able to switch between three settings, they are able to give you the right lighting for every mood.” – Tanja Geyer Schneider, director of ParcHaus


Gorgeous greenery

“If you have a balcony or a patio area without a garden you’ll want to add some greenery for natural energy and colour. Gone are the days when artificial plants were drab and boring. Our latest botanics and planters not only look great – they are also maintenance-free. Perfect for those of us without green fingers! They are inexpensive too so you can mix and match and change them up as the mood takes you.” – Alon Sachs, co-founder of Mobelli Furniture + Living

Mobelli Furniture + Living

Chic décor accessories

“The perfect summer patio is an eclectic mix of ideas, style and taste from around the globe. Chic décor accessories sourced the world over help create just that, a beautifully balanced patio that is incredibly warm and inviting. The eye-catching ceramic head vase in colour grey and luxury glass tray in colour crème marble bring elegance and class to any patio, be it big or small.” – Collin Moodley, managing director of Tru Outdoor Luxury 

Tru Outdoor Luxury