By Jo Borrill, Project Consultant Debbie Grey, Property Coordinator Wadoeda Brenner, Photographer Keith Quixley

When the husband is Scottish and the wife is Peruvian, there is bound to be an interesting mix of ideas, culminating in a personal, homely space surrounded by nature. Having lived in opposite areas of the globe, this couple wanted to invest in Cape Town. They chose this scenic spot in a well-known estate in the heart of the Cape Town suburbs. The family love the combination of the security of the estate and the breathtaking wraparound views of the surrounds.

This newly built four-bedroom home explores some unique aspects, such as a festive bar/games room, and a typical Scottish pub where the owner showcases some of his Scottish roots. Further down the passage is a cinema room where the children sit and enjoy movies with their friends. “We have a popcorn machine and an ice machine, so we don’t hear or see the children,” the owner says. “The children love having parties. This house is like a club for them and I love seeing them safe.”

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