If you’re about to embark on that long-awaited kitchen renovation, integrate these insightful tips to create a stylish and functional space.


What should you consider before renovating your kitchen?

Laurent Riviere, sales designer, SCHMIDT Kitchens: Budget, budget, budget. This will determine most of your finishes, as well as the number of high-end products and luxury items you wish to have.

Daniel Slavin, owner, Slavin: Keep in mind what worked for you previously and what you would like to change. Make sure your new layout works well with your current lifestyle to ensure a functional, pleasing result.

SCHMIDT Kitchens

How can you save money on a kitchen renovation?

LR: By using a reputable company for starters. Your countertops take a large slice of your budget, shop around and consider alternatives. The trend of “less is more” can also apply in your kitchen space. If you have the right cabinetry, then you don’t need to cover your space in cabinets. The type of units you choose can also save you money, i.e. go for units with fewer pull-out drawers.

DS: Do it right the first time. Make sure you think through everything you would like to tackle to make sure there are no unforeseen expenses.

SCHMIDT Kitchens

What are the top kitchen renovation trends to go for and which trends should you steer clear of?

LR: Most of our clients are changing to open-plan kitchens, with clean lines, handleless units and symmetry. We found that wall units are being replaced by decorative shelving (with lighting) and display units, clients are staying away from over-populating the space with unnecessary units and high-gloss is used in specific spaces as opposed to the complete kitchen.

DS: Try to steer clear of bold trends that might date quickly. Take into consideration your personal style and what looks good to you. Use accessories to give your space personality; these are easily changeable over time.