Tiles are one of the most durable surface options for the home. Discover the various considerations when making your selection.

Consider your colour choices

“Choosing the right design, colours and format tiles have a huge impact on the look of your room. By mixing and matching two different shades of the same colour you’ll give the room more character. The darker shade adds depth while the lighter shade adds some shine and dimension to the space. When looking at redoing a small room, light-coloured tiles will make the space feel bigger, and contrasting grout will emphasise lines and the design, while a grout in a complementary colour to the tile will give a more subtle effect.” – Tasneem Mamoojee, head of sales and marketing at Afrikano Tile & Décor

Afrikano Tile & Décor

Go for wood-look

“Wood-look tiles are trending and used in different spaces in the home. These tiles are hassle-free and no need to deal with maintenance. They create warmth, cosiness and beauty in the grandest way. There is an array of shades to choose from so you can achieve a natural feel effortlessly.” – Abdul Patel, director of Lifestyle Ceramics

Lifestyle Ceramics

The bigger, the better

“Larger tiles tend to make a small room appear bigger. To create a flowing surface use a matching grout. This also works well in tiny bathroom spaces. Large format porcelain slabs that are inspired by the glamour of marble with its distinctive and elegant veining. These slabs are ideal as feature walls, on floors and on countertops.” – Abdul Patel, director of Lifestyle Ceramics

Lifestyle Ceramics

Keep budget top of mind

“Always have a budget in mind, ensure to include the costs of grout, adhesives, spacers as well as installations – this often tends to be missed and forms a large portion of the costs.” – Nicole Russell, Italtile marketing manager


Consider your area

“When choosing your tile consider the space you will be tiling. Is your area indoor or outdoor? Does it need to be gloss or matte? Will you be tiling an area that will get moisture or sunlight? These are the kinds of questions you need to consider when you tile your area. Choosing a pattern or plain tile should be determined by your style and areas. Use patterned tiles in featured areas like your entrance hall, bathroom or outdoor patios. This will create character and depth. For practical flooring solutions for busy homes use neutral tiles. If you’re going for a more modern home there is a full selection of textured, matte and gloss options to pair with and create a contemporary and in-depth space.” – Plamena Danieli, creative curator at Continua


Natural stone versus porcelain

“Due to the nature of natural stone, each tile has its unique characteristics when it comes to sourcing a range. Due to the material being porous, there is more maintenance involved as the stains penetrate within time if the stain is left untreated. Porcelain is a great alternative that mimics natural stone, marble and cement offered in a variety of textures and various sizes. It’s easier to maintain and is cost-effective.” – Plamena Danieli, creative curator at Continua