Award-winning design studio Inhouse was commissioned by the Berman Bros Group (BBG) to design the interiors of a series of two and three-bedroom apartments situated in a new luxury development located on St John’s Road in Sea Point, Cape Town.

Rather than creating carbon copies and giving all 16 apartments the same design treatment, Inhouse has created two distinct styles to cater for different tastes. There is also a penthouse, the 17th apartment, which will be given its own unique interior.

Each of the apartments feature an open-plan living area and bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, but the contrasting interiors of the units create starkly different atmospheres. Eight of the apartments have a modern contemporary aesthetic with a predominantly dark palette, while the other eight apartments boast a classic contemporary direction and a neutral colour palette. This gives potential owners the option to choose the interior they prefer while demonstrating the power of interior design to transform a space.

In each of the classic contemporary apartments, marble floors feature throughout the spacious open-plan living area, which comprises living, dining and kitchen zones. A subtle mix of classic and contemporary elements with soft, delicate textures makes the interiors warm and homely.

In the kitchen zone, an island clad in natural oak with a polished marble countertop takes centre stage, with white cupboards and classic beaded wall panelling giving the space a light and airy feel. In the bedrooms, the neutral colour scheme continues with soft oak fixtures, plush grey carpets and the same classic beaded wall panelling adding the final touches.

For the second series of apartments, the designers opted for modern finishes and moodier tones, such as dark brown, grey and black, with hints of gold. The open-plan living room and kitchen area features wide plank oak flooring, with walls and cupboards panelled in black-stained oak. The kitchen island is clad in timber and finished with a polished marble countertop. In the bedrooms, light oak flooring and timber wall panelling make up the dominant design features. The overall look-and-feel of these apartments is modern, bold and luxurious.

Whether you prefer a contemporary apartment with classic finishes or a modern apartment with loads of character, Inhouse has successfully designed two luxurious and spacious interior variations that will cater to either taste.

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