You might think you need a big budget to create a stylish home, however with some planning, a little imagination and bit of advice on decorating is all you need. If you’re considering on renovating or moving into a new space, read through our list of ideas and practical tips for designing on a small budget.

Paint the walls

Paint is colourful, affordable and easy. Paint your walls in a fresh new colour ­– this will brighten up your home and transforms your existing furniture and decor pieces.

Reassess what you have

Sometimes updating your home can be as easy as moving your furniture around or giving it away items you no longer need or want. Walk through your home and reassess what you have in the respective rooms. Often a fresh pair of eyes and an open mind will help you decide on what you want to keep or toss, as well as how you can rearrange  the furniture to work for the space. If you need some help, ask a friend whose taste you admire, to lend a critical eye and help you out. While going through this process, remember to think about whether the piece serves a purpose or has any meaning to you. If it doesn’t, then it’s time to give it away.


If you need new furniture, but can’t afford to buy why not upcycle it? Look at painting, reupholstering or sanding down your existing furniture, you can find other affordable ways to make it as good as new. Also visiting thrift stores, auctions, estate sales, consignment shops and other places where you can look for furniture to upcycle is an affordable way to find new pieces for your home. Just remember to go for furniture with good bones, solid construction and classic lines.

Go big

Big artworks are the easiest way to bring a feeling of grandeur to a room. Regardless of how small your space is, consider hanging up one large piece of art and decorating around it. If you don’t have any big artworks and don’t want to purchase an expensive piece, look at buying an artwork from an online site that offers large prints. Or, you can also make your own art or frame meaningful art works done by your kids. When grouped together, it will bring a personal to your space that reflects good memories.

Style your bed

Does your bedroom need a makeover? New pillows, beautiful curtains and luxurious linen will give your bedroom an instant update. You can update your bedroom by buying a new headboard or cover the existing one in a chic fabric. Style up your bed with pillows, scatters and throws – don’t be afraid to mix and match prints.

Window dressing

Window treatments bring dimension and light into a room. Updating your windows will help revamp your space. Have a look at every window in your house and then decide which one needs a new dressing.

Many home stores offer chic and affordable readymade draperies. Painting your curtain rods or getting new ones can also freshen up the space. Keep in mind that velvets and bold patterns help give small spaces a lux jewel-box effect, while elegant, simple curtains look best in larger spaces. You could even paint your curtain rods the same colour as your wall and curtains to create the feeling of a longer and wider space.

Light it up

Replace lighting fixtures with chic lamps or chandeliers from thrift stores.

Keep it tidy

Cleaning isn’t the most pleasurable way of decorating, but it will leave your home looking brand new and create a clean canvas to work on. Do regular spring cleans like washing your windows inside and out to let the light shine in; place odour sponges in musty basements and other areas where unpleasant smells need to be absorbed; get rid of that film of dust coating your home appliances; clear out clutter and create an organizing system for your home.

Bit by bit

Focus your design or remodeling efforts on one room or area of the house at a time. Then set a budget and stick to it.

The little things

Small things can make a big difference. Keeping fresh flowers in a vase, placing new rugs on the floor and updating your lamps  as well as putting up interesting frames for your artworks on your walls will all help to make your house a home you love, and are proud of.