By Janine Jorgensen, Project Consultant Monique Rankine, Photography Franz Rabe

Creating a “warm home for family” was a top priority for the owners of this house, located in Johannesburg. Little did they know, when they began the building process, that it would take over four years to achieve this.

Initially wanting to downsize, they realised that to accommodate all of their needs, they would have to think bigger than the original plans, and with the challenge of changing building regulations, things took far longer than expected.

Despite these setbacks, they are now “very, very happy” with the end result, which blends comfort and style, and has enough space for family and friends.

Soft neutral shades form the base for the interior decor, to which layers of texture, from rich fabrics to wooden furniture and marble accent walls, have been added.

When combined with an eclectic mix of accessories, most sourced from decor shops, but some inherited pieces, there’s a calming, yet lived-in feel throughout.

“One of my favourite spaces is the media room, where I can watch TV in peace and even sit comfortably on the floor with a meal on the coffee table,” says the home owner.

The enclosed patio is equally a spot for relaxation, with its large wood-burning fireplace; however, it also benefits from a cooking station and dining table, and has folding doors opening to the garden and access from the open-plan living area, for socialising.

In the bedrooms, the luxurious serenity has been maintained. Recessed lighting provides a warm glow for a restful ambience, and rugs and generous drapery soften the wooden flooring. There are views to the surrounding trees to bring in an element of nature.

“We had the assistance of an interior decorator, and learnt that you really need a supervisor when building. An expert with broad knowledge is vital in helping with decisions. There is just so much choice,” says the owner.

From what has been achieved, it seems the wait for the finished house has been well worth it.