Climate control is a sophisticated system designed to regulate the temperature and movement of air throughout your home, says the team at Pinnacle Airconditioning.

These complex systems automatically adjust the speed and amount of either warm or cool air flowing in your home to ensure absolute comfort, irrespective of the temperature outside. This smart technology allows home owners to have degree-specific temperatures without the hassle of making adjustments themselves.

Systems control a central unit, usually concealed in your roof space, and unique climate control sensors. With the help of algorithms, dampers have been modified to continuously monitor the air flowing through them. Climate-control systems are designed to minimise costs and maximise efficiency.

Residential climate control has become a far more appealing option than that of individual aircon units as home owners’ want precise air solutions that aesthetically complement their homes. Unsightly units are being traded for concealed climate control systems that look as good on the outside as they do on the inside.

Why should you consider a climate-control system?

As we work in climate-controlled offices and drive climate-controlled cars, it makes perfect sense to come home to a climate-controlled home. As each day presents its own set of stresses, homes have become our sanctuary, a place where we should be most comfortable. Climate-control systems generate environments that allow families to communicate, work, play and grow to their full potential without becoming boiling hot or freezing cold.

What are the benefits of a climate-control system?

  • Complete customisation to your specific requirements. Each family member has the ability to set their temperature to just the right temperature. For example, a child’s room can be set warmer than an adults’ room.
  • Energy-efficient units are used. Energy-efficient units in conjunction with a climate-control system allow for further energy savings.
  • Central climate-control systems allow for an unobtrusive installation. You work hard to ensure that your home reflects your hard work and dedication. Your air conditioning unit should not make your home look like a factory but rather perfectly complement your home and lifestyle.
  • A centralised climate-control system gives you a two-for-one deal. With both cooling and heating capabilities, there is no need to have separate systems during winter and summer months. Furthermore, your system has a vent system that allows you to circulate and filter room temperature air when heating or cooling is not required, which ensures only the purest air is circulated through your home.
  • A central climate-control system allows you to have control on the go. No more only turning your unit on from an unsightly unit controller.

How to find your ultimate climate-control system

When it comes to climate control you need to take your family’s needs and lifestyle into account. Pinnacle Airconditioning consultants meet with you to discuss how you live and use your home so that the best option to complement your lifestyle is put together.

Pinnacle Airconditioning supplies the following solution:

  • Individual climate control for different areas in your home. A system that will assist in energy saving, by accurately monitoring the airflow.
  • The most energy-efficient system that is available. Pinnacle Airconditioning systems are designed by Airstream in Australia, which is home to some of the world’s most advanced climate-control specialists.
  • Climate-control systems that can be controlled from multiple platforms from stylish panels, an app on your smart device or room sensors equipped with on/off buttons to motion sensors, your options are limitless. Furthermore, your system is capable of linking to all major home automation brands, adding an additional form of control.
  • An option that perfectly complements the look and feel of your home. Pinnacle understands that you home is a reflection of you, and that your guests should feel your climate-control system, and not see it.