Your walls can be a neutral background to offset your room or hanging art – or they can be works of art themselves. Check out the latest trends in treatments like tiles and wallpaper.

• When it comes to wallpaper, there’s no such thing as “hot” or “not”, insists Nadia du Plessis of Robin Sprong, specialists in bespoke wallpaper and surface design. “People buy all kinds patterns when it comes to wallpaper. It all depends on your space and the look you’re trying to achieve – even kitsch can be cool, depending on what you pair with it.”

• Despite this “anything goes” ethos, some looks have a definite edge over others. For instance, Du Plessis reveals that decor’s love affair with tropical prints continues, although art deco prints are starting to make a statement, as are big abstract paintings. In terms of colour, soft blush tones prevail.

• Tiles have started to come out of the kitchen and bathroom, and are now equally at home in the study or lounge, according to Jasmin Kraneveldt of Bathroom Bizarre. Experiment with a tiled feature wall: add interest to your chosen room by covering one wall in tiles, using textured pieces for added impact. Kraneveldt recommends dark tiles in floral print to add a luxurious boudoir feel to the bedroom, or faux wood to create warmth. A tiled “headboard”, applied directly to the wall, also creates an eye-catching effect. And in the study, a listello separating a layer of light tiles from a layer of dark makes sure the room is easy to clean and adds visual appeal to what is usually a strictly functional part of the home.

• If you’re considering updating your walls, give thought to the size of the room. Du Plessis says that smaller rooms look good with a toned-down, repeat pattern – something clean and timeless, rather than striking. In contrast, you can afford to be bold if you have a big space. Try an image that will really stand out.

Take inspiration from this striking wallpaper by Robin Sprong