A white bathroom is classic and cool. It can however be cold and clinical if not done correctly. Here’s how to add warmth to a colourless space.

Go for graphic prints

Bold print is all the rage and will look fantastic when paired with an all-white space. Amy-Rose Paget from Simply Bathrooms says that when your sink, bath and toilet are white, you could add character by using graphic tiles. “A graphic tiled floor breaks up the space, while creating a go-to palette to help accessorise the rest of your bathroom. For example, if the graphic tile has hints of blue or black, you could incorporate those hues in towels or facecloths to tie the room together.”

SA Home Owner Library

Incorporate plants

One of the best ways to energise and add a fresh feel to a white bathroom is with plants. Piget adds: “Nothing warms up a white bathroom like fresh greenery to energise the space! Whether you choose a tall palm to fill a corner or a row of smaller plants arranged across a top shelf, natural elements instantly make any white space feel warm and welcoming.”

Amiata Bath by Victoria + Albert Baths

Feature natural elements

Ensure the space is not overly clinical by featuring organic, natural elements in the form of stone, wood, bamboo and other materials from the natural world. Liza Watermeyer from Tile Africa recommends you also bring nature into the bathroom to create a more intimate feeling. “Add warm timber tones with your bathroom furniture and cabinets. Plants can be placed into woven flowerpots to add texture and a splash of colour. Use neutral colours for towels and bathmats to soften and create warmth.”

Tile Africa

Use metallics

In the past it would have been taboo to mix metallic textures in the bathroom, but as our love for eclecticism has grown we are seeing this design trend becoming increasingly commonplace. Watermeyer says: “Metallics like copper and brass are great for adding warmth and a touch of lustre. Use copper or brass flowerpots filled with plants for that added measure. For a hint of drama, pair this look with black towels and bathmats. Black metal bathroom furniture will also accentuate the luxury element.”

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