12 décor do’s to make the most of winter indoors…

1 Layer up on everything, from plush scatter cushions on the suite in your living room to extra throws and blankets in the bedrooms. And consider texture here too by opting for heavier, more luxurious fabrics like cashmere, velvet, faux fur, sheepskin, etc – basically anything that makes you want to stroke it or snuggle into it.

Image: Franz Rabie

2 Bring in something knitted or crocheted – or better still, make it yourself. Winter is the perfect time to get crafty with wool and needles. Chunky-knit products made with super-thick, unspun wool are all the rage. As are other ‘handmade’ goods, be they printed, woven, sculpted or glazed. There’s something so ‘homely’ about something that’s been made by a craftsman and not manufactured on an assembly line.

Image: Pinterest

3 Inject a rich glow into your interior with a mix of metallic accents in the form of light fixtures, ornaments, gilded frames, a shiny tray on a coffee table etc. Stick to yellow and rose gold, bronze, brass and copper over silver, chrome and pewter, which tend to be ‘cooling’.

Image: Chris Baker

4 Winter brings with it shorter days, so bring in warming light by making the most of mirrors to reflect light throughout your space and lamps (from statement floor lamps to table lamps), as opposed to bright overhead lighting.

Image: Chris Baker

5 Place soft, fluffy rugs underfoot in high-traffic areas to cozy up wood or tiled floors during the winter months. For added padding, layer one rug on top of another. Don’t forget to add a rug next to your bed to soften the chill when your feet hit the floor in the mornings.

Image: Chris Baker

6 Set up a ‘hot drinks’ station in the kitchen or put together a ‘winter warmer’ basket in the pantry filled with all you need to brew steaming drinks – from hot chocolate with marshmallows, to aromatic tea or frothy coffee. And don’t forget the homemade biscotti, rusks and biscuits for dunking.

Image: The Kitchn

7 Hang some winter-inspired wall art – think snow-scapes or stenciled snowflakes on canvas in neutral tones, to fuzzy wooden letters (all you need are wooden letters that spell out a word such as ‘home’, some faux fur or something similar like downy feathers, scissors and a glue gun).

Image: Etsy

8 Sometimes, just rearranging your furniture is all the seasonal décor adjustment you need. If you have a fireplace, pull chairs in to face the warmth for a cozy gathering spot. Don’t forget the extra cushions, throws and board games.

Image: the Room edit

9 Adding accessories can certainly warm up a home, but so can seasonal scents. Nothing says winter like cinnamon, cedar, sage, ginger, orange, clove and more, so invest in fragrant, slow-burning candles.

Image: Cox & Cox

10 Block out winter drafts by replacing sheer curtains with thicker ones to add more ‘volume’ to your window treatments.

Image: Site House

11 Spice up a bland palette of neutrals with splashes of cheerful colour. A bright throw or cushion with a bold pattern should do the trick, as will a vase full of winter blooms. Jewel tones such as emerald, sapphire, amethyst and ruby remain popular and add a distinct ‘richness’ to a space.

Image: Decorators Best

12 Create a cozy spot to read and/or write on cold days. Or clear a space to set up an ‘arts and crafts’ station to combat cabin fever when the chill forces everyone inside. Electronics aren’t always the answer – get those creative juices flowing.

Image: BookBub Blog